502Violet Crawley is the pet of the month! She is in a foster home while she recovers from her injuries. Please read her story from Vicki Browne and help us in congratulating her for working so hard to get back to walking.

"Seminole County Animal Services received a call about a dead dog near a retention pond behind a restaurant. When they arrived, they found a lab/ Weimaraner Mix that was very much alive but she could not walk. The initial thought was congestive heart failure with fluid retention. They gave anti inflammatory medication and Lasix to get the swelling down but noticed that she walked with her front paws flat on the ground. She was kept in a special area with lost of blankets. Steve (Chairman of the SCAS board) was visiting and Mary Beth Lake, Shelter supervisor, said to Steve “I have a dog you need to see.” We discussed it and decided to foster Violet Crawley. Steve named her that since she crawled around. Our first stop was FloridaWild to have Dr. Holder and Dr. Mason check her out. After braces, therapy, and herbal medications she now walks as fast as the others in her own way and loves to play with our other three dogs and two cats. She is smart and knows sit, stay, outside, and how to shake. She gives kisses and craves attention. Although we have owned and fostered many, we have never known a sweeter dog."