Schmoopy Lynch is a 12 year old poodle mix who presented to FloridaWild with pain in his neck and the inability to walk in all four legs. Dr. Holder examined him and diagnosed him with intervertebral disc disease in the neck. This is a disease where the disc material between the vertebrae of the spine has herniated into the spinal cord causing neurologic deficits and pain.

This can be a surgical emergency but with Schmoopy we elected to treat with conservative management including acupuncture, rehabilitation, and orthopedic manipulation. Dr. Holder performed acupuncture on Schmoopy to help with pain and function of his legs and by the following day Schmoopy was trying to get up and walk around. He started rehabilitation with Dr. Mason, where he worked on proprioception (where the body is in space and time), flexibility, strength, and stability of his core muscles. He also began his underwater treadmill sessions and orthopedic manipulation with Dr. John.

Schmoopy is now walking around the house and continues to make improvements each day in his ability to walk. Way to go Schmoopy! Keep up the awesome work!