lex_lexiLex and Lexi​, hunting beagles,​ were abandoned in the Ocala National Forest​. Lexi was pregnant and Lex refused to leave her side. They were rescued by Lexi in Lake Helen who then called ARK for help. ​ARK named them after their savior. ​Thanks to FloridaWild ten weeks later ​6 ​healthy ​pup​s​ went to new homes​ but no one wanted two old ​bonded ​beagles.

​Ed, adopted two beagles from ARK several years ago who had been throwaways in the forest. He called Maggi, ARK's president to tell her one of them died. Maggi told Ed about Lex and Lexi needing someone to love them. ​That was all it took. The following day Ed and his family were at FloridaWild to pick up two more beagles. ARK sends big hugs and thank yous to Ed and ​his ​family for ​once again saving innocent lives. The beagles are thriving and the surviving one has decided they can stay.

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