Kristin has been grooming for thirteen years. She began as a bather at Petsmart and from there she went to a grooming academy where she got certified as a pet stylist. She hasn't been here long but she has done phenomenal work in the little time she has been here - both the clients and pets love her! Kristin is very patient with her grooming, which is great because sometimes that includes grooming cats. Kristin said grooming cats is a great experience because her previous job did not have cat grooming as an option. "I think it's really interesting here. I see a lot more different types of dogs here than I would at a grooming salon." Kristin has two dogs, Louie and Benji, and a fish named Bubbles. Both Louie and Benji were rescues - "I'd never do anything but a rescue." Louie loves dog parks and getting to see others whereas Benji is more reserved and a "less is more" kind of guy. Kristin's soft spot is for older dogs. One day, her goal is to have a geriatric rescue