Ileana was born in Germany. She moved back and forth from the States and Europe until the age of fourteen. Ever since then she has always been settled in the central Florida area. She has four dogs, four cats, a ferret, and a rat. Each of her pets are rescue babies. One of her dogs is her most memorable adoption: Halo. Halo is a long-haired dachshund who was on her second to last day until euthanasia at the pound. No one wanted her because she was aggressive. "I just sat on the floor with her and in about 10 minutes she just climbed on my lap and then we were best friends." Ileana is married and has two boys. She started vet teching late in life but has always loved animals. She has been at FloridaWild since December 2015. "I feel like I've found my true working family here at FloridaWild."

"Ich spreche Deutsch."