February is National Dental Health Month: Special Celebration Promos at Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it is the longest in the "love" department. And since we love our pets, it makes perfect sense that February is proclaimed National Pet Dental Health Month. This serves as a loving reminder to make February the perfect time to make an appointment at Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital for your dog or cat’s annual checkup and cleaning.

Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital is extremely serious about the importance of maintaining your pet's dental health so is offering a loving promotion of $10.00 off the cost of anesthetic dental care and an additional $10.00 off if an appointment is booked on the same day you are visiting the hospital. While there is no discount for non-anesthetic dental care, pet owners will receive a free toothbrush/finger brush and organic toothpaste. Additionally the Funky Mutt Market is offering a free tooth brushing for your pet with every purchase!

Even though there are pet owners who have never considered brushing their pets teeth to be a part of caring for their pets, many folks are already doing this essential task. In fact, daily brushing is the single most important and least expensive thing clients can do for their pets to maintain their pet’s dental health. Daily brushing and regular dental checkups and cleaning are also the most effective way to maintain their overall general health.

Although you may have never brushed your pet’s teeth it only takes a few minutes once your pet is comfortable with the procedure. In fact some pets actually enjoy the extra attention! However, the health care team at Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital will be happy to teach you how. Brushing your pet’s teeth daily is a powerful tool against plaque and gingivitis. But please only use toothpaste that is made for pets because it contains fluoride and should not be swallowed by your pet.

There is an assortment of excellent “taste tested” pet dental care products on the market today. Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital carries an excellent selection of tooth brushes and toothpastes. Although Internet pet supply companies sell oral health supplies, it is always wise to check with your veterinarian for their recommendations for the products that are most effective.

For the folks who already regularly brush their pet's teeth, it goes without saying that those annually scheduled professional dental checkups and cleanings are essential. So why not celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month by making an appointment at Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital.

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