June is Pet Disaster Preparation Month

On 1 Jun, 2017

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May is Senior Pet Health Month at FloridaWild Veterinary Hospital

On 1 May, 2017

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April is Heartworm Awareness Month

On 31 Mar, 2017

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March is Avian Awareness Month

On 2 Mar, 2017

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February is Dental Health Month at FloridaWild Veterinary Hospital

On 1 Feb, 2017

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January is Pet Obesity Awareness at FloridaWild Veterinary Hospital

On 1 Jan, 2017

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November is Holiday Safety tips for Pets Month

On 28 Nov, 2016

While anticipating the fun and pleasure of getting together with family and friends on this festive holiday, in order to prevent any mishaps that could turn Thanksgiving into a pet-related disaster, to help keep them safe and secure, there is plenty of time remaining to make plans for your furry and feathered family members.

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December is Pet Adoption Month at Floridawild Veterinary Hospital: Special Promo Too!

On 1 Dec, 2016

There is some exciting news in store for anyone who may be considering adding a new furry companion (or even two) into their household. If youre ready to open your heart and fall hopelessly in love with a delightful kitten or cat or a perky puppy or adult dog who is longing for a permanent loving home

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August is Pet Wellness Month at FloridaWild Vet Hospital

On 15 Aug, 2016

Its easy to fall in love with a cute kitten or puppy. However any pet is adopted into their permanent loving homes their guardians must make an unwavering commitment to keep them safe and to ensure that their pets emotional and physical needs are met. Keeping their pets healthy must be a top priority for guardians. Annual veterinary check-ups help to ensure that our beloved fur- companions stay healthy. Early detection of serious medical conditions can be life-saving. Therefore its essential that all pets minimally receive annual wellness exams performed by their veterinarian. Once a health baseline is established, it is much easier for the veterinarian to catch any subtle changes in the pet's physical condition.

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October is Homeless Animal Month

On 1 Oct, 2016

The massive number of homeless animals in the United States continues to be a major problem. In order to raise awareness of this predicament and to pose some solutions, Floridawild Animal Hospital has proclaimed October as Homeless Animal Month. Dogs and cats are the most popular animal companions in the United States. But in spite of the fact that many of these animals are treasured pets; there is a huge pet homeless problem which still exists in this countr

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