Meet Butterball, a 4 year old Chow Chow rescued from Tampa August 2009. Dr. Holder, FloridaWild Veterinary Hospital owner, performed a $1,000 eye surgery on her, saving her sight from further deterioration.

Butterball was adopted and although the home and references were checked, the tragedy that followed was unforgettable. ARK volunteers requested the owner bring Butterball in for a free check-up. The owner knew Butterball needed eye meds twice daily for the remainder of her life. ARK became suspicious when the woman refused to comply so they went to her house and this is what they discovered.

Feces and urine were so imbedded in Butterball’s fur and for such a long period of time the putrid odor of rotting flesh made the vet techs gag when she was shaved. Her vulva was rotting, abscessed and swollen. She was placed on numerous medications. There was no way she could defecate or urinate normally as bacteria went back up inside her causing serious internal infections. The flea infestation was horrid.

Butterball had to be in incredible pain yet she endured a complete shaving without a whimper. She had massive areas of hair loss. Dr. Holder had never seen such a horrid abuse case with her estimating this torture lasted for months.

Butterball lived at FloridaWild Veterinary Hospital in DeLand FL for a month, receiving excellent care and lots of love and tenderness. When her story was placed on ARK’s website within a week a couple from South Florida came to adopt her. They were both nurses. Butterball took to them immediately.

Butterball now spends her days looking out of floor to ceiling glass doors to a shimmering lake beyond. And when she wants to eat she wanders over to her mom and places her head on her mom’s foot.

Butterball lives happily ever after.