"I'm Reese Witherspoon and I am being trained as an Emotional Support Animal. If you know of anyone in need of my services, then please get in touch with me. No better yet, email She's Dr. Holder's mom and FloridaWild is my veterinary hospital. My trainer works for both of them. He's Jose and he says I'm so cool. I was to be killed but ARK saved me. I have a white heart on my neck - that tells you a lot about me.

I weigh 48, am 2.5 years old, and full of energy and happiness. I'm what my foster calls "her gentle bear." I need a fenced yard to stretch my legs with some good frolics and runs. I learned to dig out of my foster's yard so I have to be watched until I know that I'm in my forever home. I've been so neglected in the past that I'm always afraid at first of not being loved. My foster was amazing - everyone loves her. It's not her fault that I'm an escape artist. That can be fixed!

Jose says I'm one of the best he's seen - so there - escape artist and all, rescued the week I was to be killed at a "shelter" and here I am training to really help a person in need. I'm well mannered and I enjoy sitting with my foster in the evenings while we watch TV.

No dogs or cats please. I have heartworms but we're doing the slow kill, then will be retested in six months. Just you and me. And if you don't need an ESA, then just adopt me for who I am."
-Reese Witherspoon-