aaronAaron is alive and smiling about his salvation. Erin in Pennsylvania got the ball rolling. She saw his story on Facebook from a high kill shelter in Tampa Florida and contacted dozens of rescue groups. Only one answered her plea for help - ARK. ARK's President, Maggi Hall, and Dr. Erin Holder's mom, named him Aaron, in honor of his savior in Pennsylvania.

Aaron was pulled the week he was to die, broken leg, injured hip, yet with a perpetual countenance of faith and delight ringing his expressive face! He was transported to Altamonte Veterinary Hospital because FloridaWild was full. Plans were to bring him on to FW once a vacancy opened.

But Altamonte wouldn't let him go! They loved him so much they refused to part with him. Aaron had surgery on his leg and hip costing over $1,000. His savior, Erin, raised the money. Then he was treated for heartworms and more time was spent recuperating.

A family in Pennsylvania fell in love with him long distance and after residing in the vet hospital for two months Aaron was transported to his new family. His dad says that “his tail hasn't stopped wagging since he arrived and when he comes out of his crate he immediately picks up his leash and goes to the door.” He knows he was saved!

How easy it is to rescue as opposed to killing healthy innocent animals. Won't you please help ARK help those in need? You can go to ARK's PayPal button at www.ARKsaves.com and make a tax deductible donation. You can also adopt and spread the world. THANK YOU!