Cooper the Amazing, a True Emotional Support Animal

I'm a puppy about 1 1/2 years old, weigh around 50 lbs, and am a big energetic happy, huggable baby. Fenced yard is mandatory because I love my exercise. Then after a good run - guess what? All I want to do is sit in your lap or put my head on your leg while we watch TV.

I don't know my size so I think I can just get on the sofa and try to get in my foster's lap and snuggle. I like people and get along with dogs at my house and the dog park, especially females. Hahahahaha! My foster thinks I'm a "pretty darn good doggie" - her quote, not mine!

No small kids under 10 though because I'm a rough dog and play rough - but I'm NOT AGGRESSIVE. I'm one of the most loving dogs you'll ever meet. I'd also like another dog buddy to hang out with and expend my energy. I really like romping with other dogs - just no cats, please. I love people and will want to sleep in bed with you so be prepared to move over. I do require a fenced yard, please, as just walking me won't work. I need to run out my energy.

I know 5 commands, am extremely smart, BUT I bite shoelaces! My favorite treat are carrots and Publix brand soup bones. Now look - to be very very honest, I'm lazy as heck. I truly just want to hang out with my foster family and sit on the sofa with them.

I was named for the most wonderful school teacher in DeLand, Andy Cooper. He taught at Montessori until he passed away last fall. Coop was an angel for all the kids at that school and now he's a real Angel - I know he's going to find me the best possible home.

Thank you for considering me. You won't be sorry. I'm kennel trained but am never left there for long periods of time - eating and sleeping only.


DONATION $90 - Emotional Support Animal also!!!
Contact for further information or to meet Cooper