ARK Success Story - Sydney

Sydney is my name and boy did I live a rough life after my loving dad passed away. I'd stay by his side day and night, in the house, in the yard, our car - everywhere he went, I went. Then he passed away and I was devastated! Six years with him. His wife never liked me so she made me stay outside after he died - rain, cold, heat. I was never coming in her house again!

A neighbor called ARK and asked if they'd take me. My dad's mom agreed and I was saved. I was adopted to a nice family, references checked. I was with them two days and brought back. It seemed that I loved being in the kitchen with them but my new mom didn't like that because she was tripping over me. Back to ARK I went - dejected.

A loving woman, Jill, from Palm Coast, called ARK to see if they had photos of her dog Maximilian, whom she'd adopted from ARK a year ago. Max-a-Million, she called him, had recently passed away. After ARK sent her a photo, it's president, Maggi Hall, inquired the following: "Jill, would you be interested in saving a very special life?" AND SHE DID! Maggi delivered me to Palm Coast, I was introduced to my wonderful new mom and her kitty.

I settled in but quickly my mom realized I wasn't going to be friendly with my new sibling, her kitty. Oh no! I feared I would be returned. But Mom refused to give up. She contacted a Feng Shui adviser who helped her redesign our house. And IT WORKED! Kitty and I are now pals and I'm Mom's "furever" baby - I'm absolutely spoiled rotten!!

Additional information behind Sydney's story is  HERE.