Gypsy Walked 18 Miles to Get Back to Her Mom - True ARK Story

Jane, in her late 80s, had a cat wander onto her property, somewhat wild, obviously a throw-away. Slowly the two became friends. Jane named her Gypsy because she'd come and go. Jane would sit in the outdoor swing, made a bed for Gypsy, put food and water in bowls and wait. Gypsy would appear, jump on the swing, and allow Jane to pet her.

Several months later Jane was preparing to enter hospice care and contacted ARK's President, Maggi Hall, to ask if ARK would save Gypsy. An ARK volunteer trapped Gypsy and took her home, 18 miles from where Jane lived. Gypsy had a room on the second floor at the foster's townhouse. That night the foster opened the screened window slightly to let in fresh air, checking on Gypsy prior to going to bed.

The next morning the volunteer's phone rang. Jane, on the other end, asked, "Is Gypsy with you?" The foster assured her she had to be but went to check. Entering Gypsy's room she found the screen pushed out, on the ground below, and no Gypsy. Rushing back to the phone she cried, "She's gone!!!" "Yes, she surely is. She's here having breakfast," informed Jane. So anxious to be with Jane, Gypsy had fallen two stories, then walked 18 miles north on treacherous I-4, across the St. Johns River Bridge to get back to Jane.

Gypsy now resides at Journey's End in DeLand FL and Jane, in heaven, has got to be smiling. A true story.....


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