ARK Success Story: Dingo

Im Dingo, a certified Emotional Support Dog trained by ARK and FloridaWilds dog trainer, Jose DRoman. My life is perfect now but it didnt used to be. I spent the first year of chained to a tree in Michigan. I was the only one in the litter and the owner let my mother die of starvation. I was rescued and lived with my foster family for a year, learning love wins over the worse situation.
Then I was adopted by a couple who moved to Florida. When they got a divorce they called my rescue mom and told her they didnt want me anymore and if she didnt find someone to take me they were going to have me killed. Obviously I was not treated well by them because I began exhibiting behavioral issues. Thats when she contacted rescues in Florida. THE ONLY RESCUE THAT RESPONDED TO HER WAS ARK!!
ARK saved me, I was trained, and several months later a nurse in Jacksonville, reading my story on ARKs website,, fell in love with me because of my story (which is much longer than written). So here I am rescued again; the final chapter being written daily. I have a strong desire for human contact and am eager to please. I do not like to be left alone, it gives me great anxiety but Im learning my parents wont abandon or mistreat me. I nudge their hand if Im not being petted enough.
Look at my photo and know I now live the good life thanks to my new parents, Jose, FloridaWild and ARK!